Thank you for purchasing ALL OUT JESSI!

Please do not attempt to use the ALL OUT Mat Poses
before having made the required textures as shown here.

Let's start! 

All makeup and masks are on transparent layers.

Open the face texture of your choice in your graphics program.

You will need to resize either the makeup file or the Jessi texture.

Paint Shop Pro users be sure to have selected
"resize all layers" and "maintain aspect ratio"
when doing this.

Both the Jessi texture and the PSD Makeup file must be the same size.

Since I am going to use the Jessi Hi Res Head texture here,
I am going to resize the makeup file to the same size as the Jessi Hi Res texture :
4000 x 2110 pxs.

Now you're ready to make your textures.


Please save your new textures to the folder included: 

Runtime: textures: ! !ALLOUT_J

DO NOT ALTER the name of the texture folder nor it's path.

Each layer has a name. These are the names you must give to your jpg files.

Example: layer jmu08 = jmu08.jpg

Remember to hide the makeup/mask layer you are not using each time.

Below is your runtime texture's !!ALLOUT_J folder
and the names of the textures (jpgs) as they should be.

These names must be identical to be able to use the ALLOUT_J Mat Poses.

Rendered in Poser 6 with Poser 4 rendering engine.

Combine them with the Lashes and you will love them!

Make your own combinations if you want and change
the HEAD Material in Poser 6's  material room.

Koz's free All Back hair shown in images.

� nirvyproductions 2005